This is where my love for children’s books began

Storytelling was the activity I enjoyed most as a child. My friends and I used to draw on the sand and books to tell stories.

At night, I loved listening to my mother read. My cousins would send me picture books and I would sit down quietly, admiring the pictures.

My grandmother really motivated me to become a storyteller. She used to tell me only one story of her childhood and it was the same every single day but all she wanted was for me to create and tell her my stories and we would have a session everyday on where I narrated the stories through drawing on a piece of paper and we would laugh together, a great way of remembering her and her influence of me being a storyteller. May she rest in peace.

I then grew up, graduated in Accounting & Finance at London Metropolitan University and I work as a Finance Executive at Avance Consulting (Europe)Limited.

Deep down I always wanted to be a writer and since 2009 I started paying more attention to what my heart really loves. I took lessons on children’s writing as a hobby. I was more serious end of 2021 when I joined Children’s Book Mastery and Children’s Book University early 2022.

My son was diagnosed with autism back in March 2022. He uses symbols/visual support as part of communication. I realised when I read story books to him, he would tap on the words or the pictures for me to say, but it was difficult and is still is to make him follow stories or even finish the story.

As a mother, my dream was to have a book where I could read to both my children at the same time and for them to enjoy and understand the story.

As symbols support people who have communication, language or learning disabilities, I felt the need to write Hunting Orange with symbols, which I hope can be enjoyed by symbol and non-symbol readers and they will get to learn about mixing colours. I will be very happy if children with special needs understand my story ‘Hunting Orange’ and that it will give them independence.