Daddy Rabbit has lost his orange tie hours before his anniversary dinner with Mama Rabbit. Charlie and Max embark on a journey to the Land of Colours to get a new tie. Can Charlie and Max get Daddy Rabbit’s tie in time for the anniversary dinner?


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‘A sweetly told story helping young children to understand colours, how to mix them, and what will happen if you do!’ The Wishing Shelf – Editorial review

‘I loved the Smarty Symbols which will help struggling readers to follow the story. A very smart idea! Secondly, the story is a wonderful way of introducing simple colour mixing to young children; it’s an important skill and, as a result, this book would go down well in infant and primary schools.’ The Wishing Shelf – Editorial review

I’m very happy to recommend this book to grandparents, parents and schools looking for a book that would introduce colours and colour mixing to young children.’ The Wishing Shelf – Editorial review