A Mixing Colour Adventure

Daddy Rabbit has lost his orange tie hours before his anniversary dinner with Mama Rabbit. Charlie and Max embark on a journey to the Land of Colours to get a new tie. Can Charlie and Max get Daddy Rabbit a tie in time for the big anniversary dinner?

This story teaches children how to mix colours. Smarty Symbols (visual supports) help struggling readers to access the text and fully understand the story.

Hunting Orange helps young readers to understand how important it is to work together and to never give up even when faced with very difficult problems.

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For Children Aged 3-7 Years

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‘A sweetly told story helping young children to understand colours, how to mix them, and what will happen if you do!’ The Wishing Shelf – Editorial review

‘I loved the Smarty Symbols which will help struggling readers to follow the story. A very smart idea! Secondly, the story is a wonderful way of introducing simple colour mixing to young children; it’s an important skill and, as a result, this book would go down well in infant and primary schools.’ The Wishing Shelf – Editorial review

I’m very happy to recommend this book to grandparents, parents and schools looking for a book that would introduce colours and colour mixing to young children.’ The Wishing Shelf – Editorial review