As a mother of an autistic child, I have learned my son responded well with visual supports.  He uses these tools to support his communication at school. His speech and language Therapist recommended visual supports as he was non-verbal.

After the recommendation we tried to implement visual supports at home. I bought visual schedule from Amazon for his morning routine, which worked well. For example, I would point at the shower picture, while touching the real shower head and said the word shower.  The visual schedule made him understand what we were going to do, which reduced confusion.

Whenever I attended therapy sessions with him, I paid attention and saw different therapists using visual supports, and in one sessions I understood the concept of now and then board.

For these reasons, I subscribed to widgit online. My son was fascinated when symbols appeared whenever I typed words on my laptop.   I was experimenting and subscribed to Smarty symbols too.

I had a problem which I needed to resolve; I realised when I read story books to him, which he got from school, he would tap on the words or picture for me to say but it was difficult and is still is to make him follow stories or finish the story. This really frustrated me as I wanted him to enjoy stories like when I was a kid.  My dream was to have a book where I could read to both my children at the same time and for them to follow the story. 

I was searching for a solution, I looked for story books with visual support, it was very difficult to find. In the end I found only one book called Puffin on the Beach, I was so happy that it has widgit symbols.

This is when I decided to write Hunting orange with Smarty Symbols visual supports, where at the same time children could learn the concept of mixing colours- primary and secondary colours. To find out more about the book please visit this page

My book is different, and I hope it can be enjoyed by both symbol and non-symbol readers who want to learn about mixing colours. If I get even one child who has autism or communication and learning difficulties understand, follow my story and enjoys it then it will mean a lot to me. 

Stay blessed 😊x